Portrait of Robert
Thames near Marlow, early winter morning
Down in the Hambleden Valley
Hambleden valley
Hamble Brook
Following the brook to Hambleden
Foot bridge in Hughenden Park
Fresh rain on steps at Wycombe Museum
Carters Steam Fair in Pedestal field
Foot Bridge, Hambleden
Chalk stream, flowing through the boundary
Lost Summer
Chicken Coop


 "I am a painter based in the Chilterns of South Bucks, UK. I produce realist landscapes and portraiture in oils. My landscape paintings reflect my love of being outdoors. I find wonder in atmosphere, depth, and scale. I try to capture this drama and the moods that light casts, honestly and accurately to my experience. I share the same attitude with portraiture, reflecting my disposition for accuracy of likeness. Drawing really is fundamental to what I do. I enjoy the simplicity of it. How lines can become shapes which in turn become 3-dimensional forms. Importantly how drama can be created through the application of light and shade.”

Jan Gaska studied Fine Art Ba Hons at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design (1994-1997) followed by Illustration & Printmaking Ma degree at Bucks University College (2000-2003).  He further developed his work in printmaking during a 2-year printmaking residency at South Hill Park Arts Centre (2004-2006). At a suggestion from a lecturer during his Master's study, he began to paint in oils. In 2016 he did a drawing scholarship with the New English Art Club. 

Fine Art Buckinghamshire

Phone: 07952517305

E-mail: info@jangaska-art.co.uk

Kew Cottage, Finings Road, Lane End. HP14 3EY